Chiropractic for Horses

  • Hands-on, safe, effective approach for many performance and movement problems
  • not an alternative to veterinary care but provides a complimentary and integrative method of musculoskeletal care which most horses respond well to… and enjoy!
  • Compliments massage therapy and traditional lameness treatments such as back and joint injections and can be key in difficult lameness cases
  • Useful in detecting and treating gait abnormalities
  • Helps alleviate back, neck, tail and extremity pain and stiffness
  • Specific areas of joint restriction or dysfunction (sometimes referred to as subluxations) including muscle tension areas, are detected using motion palpation and corrected using manual adjustments and soft tissue techniques
  • Adjustments are specific, controlled, quick, low-force maneuvers to help return a joint to normal motion or position, normalize nerve function, reduce pain, and improve overall health.
  • Joint dysfunction/restrictions can cause a variety of symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Affected vertebral segments can cause painful irritation to the surrounding nerves and tissues which can interfere with normal nerve impulses to muscles and other parts of the bodyEquine spinal adjustment
  • Nerve pain, such as sciatic nerve irritation, has responded well to chiropractic adjustments