How do I know if my horse could benefit from chiropractic care?

Horse Adjustment

  • Poor or decreased performance or speed
  • Pain or sensitivity to touch (while being groomed for example)
  • Difficulty or refusing to lift a leg
  • Shortened stride, lack of drive or power from behind, dragging toes
  • Gait abnormalities such as refusal to pick-up a lead, changing leads, or loss of collection
  • Behavioral changes such as refusals, bucking or ‘girthiness’
  • Unevenness of hips, difficulty or unequal bending side to side
  • Injuries from falls, training, or trailering
  • History of back or leg problems or previously diagnosed conditions such as Osteoarthritis
  • Muscle wasting, weakness or spasm, body asymmetry, or back ‘roaching’
  • Stressors such as a poorly fitting saddle, rider experience, training equipment, shoeing issues, or less than ideal conformation